Skaleet increased its organic traffic by 62% over 6 months

Skaleet sees its qualified organic traffic take off thanks to Syntax Finance's multilingual SEO support.

Key figures

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Skaleet, Next Generation Core Banking Platform

With operations in more than 30 countries, Skaleet helps financial institutions design innovative digital solutions using state-of-the-art technology.

Faster and much more flexible than Legacy Core Banking, Skaleet's Core Banking Platform is currently used by 34 financial institutions and more than 8 million end users worldwide.


Achieve high ranking in competitive B2B searches

Connecting with the highly-sought after B2B audience is challenging, and for good reason: direct advertising comes at a high price.

Using search engine optimization techniques to capture the attention of prospects at the right time is a logical decision for a company like Skaleet.

Despite the relatively low volume of B2B searches (compared to B2C), a few dozen qualified visitors can be enough to make a real difference from a business perspective... As long as you target the right searches!

The Solution

Content Sprint and Link Sprint

In order to provide blog posts matching its technical expertise and to meet the demands of its B2B audience, Skaleet first turned to our specialized SEO writers.

Les contenus les plus performants ont ensuite été traduits par nos éditeurs SEO natifs afin de démultiplier leur visibilité dans les moteurs de recherche tout en maîtrisant les coûts.

Pour donner le coup de pouce nécessaire pour percer sur les mots-clés les plus concurrentiels, une campagne de Link Building thématique a ensuite été lancée.

Nicolas Pinto
Nicolas PintoMarketing Expert
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"Having a single point of contact to manage SEO consulting, media relations, and creation of technical multilingual content really makes a difference!”


+62% increase of skaleet's organic traffic on strategic B2B queries

Within the first few weeks, Syntax Finance's multilingual SEO support helped us significantly increase the number of keywords ranked on the first page, and increased qualified traffic to the Skaleet.comdomain, both in France and internationally.

A 62% increase in organic traffic (from 1450 to 2352 monthly visitors)

An increase from 26 to over 100+ keywords on the first page