Over 10,000 new monthly visitors for BLING Media

Syntax Finance’s SEO support boosts organic traffic to BLING’s new personal finances articles.
And this is just the beginning!

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BLING, the end of financial stress

When BLING launched in 2020, they offered users a free cash advance loan of 100€. A few years later, this personal finances fintech company offered a comprehensive solution to help individuals cope with financial stress.

Determined to serve all individuals, including those left behind by the traditional financial system, BLING has committed to making personal finances more transparent and accessible. Check it out at BLING Media !


Start a new blog in the highly competitive personal finances niche

Gagner de l’autorité sur un nouveau domaine en phase de lancement n’est pas chose aisée, en particulier lorsque l’on se positionne sur des requêtes en lien avec les finances personnelles auxquelles s’applique un traitement Google spécifique : « Your Money, Your Life ».

In addition to maintaining a frequent and regular publication schedule, BLING needed to produce high-quality content in line with search engine requirements and its target audience’s expectations.

Thanks to its strong branding and decisive market positioning, BLING already had a recognized brand. However, everything had to be built from scratch for SEO searches not directly related to the BLING brand but which could generate a steady stream of qualified leads.

The Solution

Content Sprint and Link Sprint

To get quick results, BLING turned to SEO Sprint Syntax Finance to identify the primary relevant keywords for its business.

To execute the plan, BLING then looked to Syntax Finance’s specialized editorial services to produce quality content on a large scale that was true to its brand image.

Un Weekly performance reporting and careful monitoring of the first visible results on Google Search Console allowed Syntax Finance to focus efforts on the most promising semantic cocoons and reiterate them. 

Sabrina Oudni
Sabrina OudniContent
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"We were able to observe results on acquiring qualified traffic after the third month. I highly recommend Syntax Finance for their financial and SEO expertise."


Exponential growth and over 10,000 new monthly visitors already

Within the first few weeks, Syntax Finance’s SEO support helped BLING significantly increase the number of keywords ranked on the first page and BLING Media’s qualified traffic.

  • Over 10k monthly visitors after Google Sandbox (incubation period)
  • Over 372 keywords on the first page
  • A solid foundation for a reference medium on personal finances