Over 29,346 new monthly visitors for b-sharpe

b-sharpe increases its organic traffic thanks to Syntax Finance’s multilingual SEO support.


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b-sharpe, the Swiss expert in online currency exchange

b-sharpe offers companies and individuals transparent, reliable, and simple currency exchange services.

Thanks to its fair prices, b-sharpe has saved its 23,300 customers no less than 12 million Swiss francs on their currency conversion transactions.


Position b-sharpe for international B2B searches

Although already well positioned for several interesting B2C searches, b-sharpe wanted to increase its presence for international B2B searches in order to capture a qualified audience of CEOs, CFOs and treasurers likely to use its currency exchange services.

The Solution

Une Immersing ourselves in the company’s strategy by interviewing key people (Founder, Sales Director, Marketing Manager, and so on) allowed us to understand the values and competitive advantages of b-sharpe compared to more traditional currency exchange companies.

We then launched a French-language SEO writing and editing campaign to strengthen the company’s blog and gradually increase its organic traffic.

After six months, Syntax translated into other strategic languages the best-performing content to extend b-sharpe’s reach at a lower cost.


Over 29,346 new monthly visitors

L’accompagnement SEO multilingue de Syntax Finance a permis d’augmenter significativement le nombre de mots-clés classés en première page et le trafic qualifié du domaine b-sharpe.com dans toute la Suisse.

Croissance des mots-clés organiques b-sharpe                                
                               From 1,012 to over 3,000 keywords on the first page of Google


Croissance du trafic organique b-sharpe

                                29,346 new monthly visitors