We got Welyb over 2,100 new clicks from Google search

Our SEO content sprint strengthened Welyb’s search engine presence and attracted the attention of its target audience.

Here are the results

Key figures


New Google search engine clicks


Lift in Top 10 ranked keywords


Site traffic as a result of new blog articles

“Syntax Finance turns B2B content challenges into opportunities. Syntax Finance is the agency to choose for an effective strategy and measurable results.”

Camille Zerlini

Chief Marketing Officer


Welyb, a portal and EDM system for accountants and payroll managers

Welyb’s solution was designed for accountants and payroll managers. Its aim is to simplify the day-to-day life of these professionals by providing a web-based document management and customer collaboration platform.

Welyb’s EDM addresses the growing need to digitize and automate financial services. It is customizable and connected to a wide range of accounting and HR tools.
Over 400 accounting firms and more than 20,000 companies currently use Welyb.


Improve Welyb’s SEO and search engine presence

Welyb wanted to strengthen its search engine presence and attract the attention of its target audience, accountants and payroll managers.

The topics discussed had to have both commercial and SEO value and meet the expectations and technical requirements of the target audience.

To meet this complex challenge and avoid disrupting the brand’s narrative, Syntax Finance had to maintain consistency between the existing URL database and the newly created content.


Content Sprint

To achieve its objectives, Welyb opted for our content creation service, Content Sprint.

We worked together, beginning with an in-depth study of the company’s universe, followed by an analysis of the content strategy of 5 competitors. This preliminary work helped identify relevant SEO opportunities and determine priorities.

We then produced 14 blog articles focused on key regulatory or organizational themes designed for SEO purposes. We also developed a reporting mechanism to manage performance of the content.

The results

Over 2,100 new Google search clicks + 3.5X lift in Top 10 ranked keywords

New clicks come from SEO queries directly targeting Welyb’s B2B audience. Syntax Finance’s support has significantly increased the number of keywords ranked in the top 10 results as well as the Welyb.fr domain’s qualified traffic. Articles now account for over 50% of the site’s monthly organic traffic.

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