We helped Bridge rank in Google’s Top 10 nearly 300 times in 12 months.

Our strategic support improved Bridge’s ranking and qualified traffic on Google.

Here are the results

Key figures


Google Top 10 ranking in 12 months


New organic clicks per month from Google


Lift in number of Top 10 ranking keywords

 “Syntax Finance’s support has significantly increased the number of keywords ranked in the top 10 results as well as BridgeApi domain’s qualified traffic.”

Cédric Santamaria

Head of Communication & Brand


Bridge, an open banking pioneer since 2011

Bridge offers secure cardless payment solutions without IBAN, which solves the problems associated with traditional payment methods.

Open banking is essential for large amounts; Bridge makes it possible to send payments securely.

Bridge also allows you to connect securely to banks to access bank data and offers high-value services like scoring, credit approval, customer profiling, identity verification, and transaction categorization. 

Bridge is a payment institution approved by the ACPR (Banque de France). It is the first European player authorized to use payment initiation and account information services.


Produce content to generate leads for a diverse B2B audience

For Bridge, the challenge was attracting the attention of a diverse B2B audience and generating qualified leads with compelling content. Each target audience has its own considerations that must be taken into account when searching for relevant topics. 

At the same time, Bridge needed personalized support in redesigning its website. The aim was to create consistency between the existing and new content creation strategies. 

In particular, this process involved mapping and streamlining the URL database, solving some technical problems, and updating blog posts.


Strategy and Content Sprint

In order to establish an effective editorial and technical plan, Bridge opted for our consulting service, Strategy Sprint. It entailed several steps, including:

  • Thoroughly auditing the site’s URLs
  • Evaluating the content strategy of 5 competitors
  • Implementing the Tracker Syntax action to track priority actions
  • Conceiving and mapping thematic campaigns with a dual objective: Attract Bridge’s diverse B2B audience and improve the brand’s SEO for a list of key queries

To accomplish the above, Bridge launched several successive Content Sprints, including:

  • Updating or rewriting high-potential articles
  • Eliminating duplicate content
  • Creating 40 SEO articles and 20 pieces focused on promoting the brand’s solutions
  • Developing reports to manage the SEO performance of product content
The results

Over 770 (YOY) new organic clicks per month from the Google search channel.

Bridge has ranked in the top 10 of Google’s search results over 282 times in less than 12 months Bridge’s site increased from 77 to 359 keywords in Google’s top 10 results.
Our process

Briefing Call

We get to know you, your business, and your goals for growth.


Pilot collaboration

We work together to determine the best sprint framework to achieve your goals.


Budget proposal

We develop a budget based on your immediate needs and opportunities we’ve identified.


Sprint kick-off

We launch your sprint and monitor progress, optimizing our approach to ensure the best possible results.

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